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What is an IEP? If my child is classified, will they stay in their classroom? Can I ask for a second evaluation? Am I able to attend meetings virtually? Can an IEP be amended without a meeting? I can help you with these questions and more…

During our free 20 minute initial phone or video consultation, we will discuss your specific situation and which of my services best meets your needs.

Special Education Guidance
If your child is new to special education or you are having trouble navigating the system, my skilled guidance can clear the fog.

IEP Review
A critical review of a current or proposed Individualized Education Plan (IEP) can further your child with what they need to succeed. This includes an initial meeting, review report and follow up meeting to discuss the review report and answer any questions you have.

Sitting down at the table with a school district can be a confusing and intimidating experience. Everyone is on the same team and I can help make it feel that way.

Private Tutoring
If you think your student may need a head start or help catching up, private tutoring may be the solution.

Something else in mind?
If you are in search of something you don’t see here, please reach out.

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