A passion for educating can be seen at a young age. As a child, I would  spend my play time acting as a teacher with all of my friends as students. Having a loved one with a learning disability influenced me deeply and entering young adulthood, I chose to attend Rutgers University New Brunswick to study psychology where I gained a deeper understanding of the mind.  After completing my Bachelor’s degree, I entered the Rutgers University Graduate School of Education. From here, I graduated Summa Cum Laude, with my dual Master’s Degree in Elementary and Special Education. Once I obtained my teaching licenses, I was able to gain experience in private and public schools as a special education teacher.  It was during these opportunities that I became skilled at managing a classroom, administering testing, writing Individualized Education Plans, creating and implementing Behavior Intervention Plans, attending student planning meetings and working closely with families and school districts to help the student have access to the resources they needed to succeed. Creating my own family only further impacted my desire to help others.  I have since spent several years as a private tutor and advocate for students and families that need a voice. My children have been the best infant and child development course one could ask for and they help me grow every day as a professional.  I have found great reward in being a bridge that connects families and their child’s school.  The area of special education can be overwhelming and I am here as a professional to help guide you through.  I specialize in educating families, reviewing Individualized Education Plans (IEP’s) and further advocating for a student to ensure they are receiving the need that is appropriate for their specific situation. A parent’s input is critical in the success of their child, so I am here to make sure you are heard.

What People Say

“Samantha was an involved teacher and coworker. She comes with my high recommendation and regards.”

—School Principal

“Samantha is someone who truly pays attention to your child’s needs, she is able to assess their areas of difficulty and decipher which approach best suits”


“Samantha has excellent insight into the challenges…”


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